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A new exciting journal celebrating our lives as lesbian, bisexual women and trans-diverse people across Africa and the Diaspora


Standpoint: A Journal of the Coalition of African Lesbians – Invites contributions to a brand new Journal

The Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) invites all our members, partners and friends to submit contributions for our brand new journal, the first of its kind. Our Standpoint Journal celebrates collective feminist resistance, resilience, revolution and power as lesbian and bisexual women and trans-diverse people across Africa through our association with CAL at various times and in different spaces of our intersectional movements in Africa.

We welcome critical and reflective articles; anecdotes, memories and photographs of particular moments of our herstory; poetry, stories, letters, speeches, conversations, diary and journal entries, media reports, book, art and other reviews; electronic media submissions (cellphone, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc); and creative visioning of the continent we want to live in.

Let’s surface our pain and pleasure, our fears and courage, and document our resilience and resistance, our challenges and victories.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 22 November 2013 at 19h00 UTC/GMT. Please send your submissions to standpoint@cal.org.za . We will confirm receipt of all submissions, and correspond further with the authors/creators of submissions selected for publication. Do please contact the Editorial Collective at standpoint@cal.org.za for any queries related to this call.

Appreciatively & in solidarity,

Bernedette Muthien, Fikile Vilakazi, Ingrid Lynch
On behalf of the Editorial Collective
Standpoint: A Journal of the Coalition of African Lesbians
Email: standpoint?? AT? cal? DOT org DOT za